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Comment est née la foundation

ctgr interview by borus

     borus: is there a reason why you started the foundation activity with Marcel Broodthaers?
     borus: is there ctgr?
      ctgr: well, i was walking hungry in the subway station with tek
      ctgr: and suddenly, as we were affamated,
      ctgr: i saw a affiche of Leon de Bruxelles with an URL
      ctgr: so, few days later, i imagined the art foundation
      ctgr: cause i had to do something with Leon, yu understand ?
      ctgr: I simply began this way,
      ctgr: and, personnaly, i have a little faible for Belge artists
      ctgr: such as Lizene, or Duyckaerts
      ctgr: well
      ctgr: the art foundation is now becoming an institution
      ctgr: in the milieu of the art
      ctgr: the orientation of the foundation is magnetised by the idea of arts informatifs
      ctgr: that will be accentuated in the soon opening mostra
      ctgr: the foundation is involved in an activity of exploration inside the rhizomic reseau art activities
      ctgr: and looking forward for new artists using not only technologies,
      ctgr: but exploring the media informative languages
      ctgr: that can provide a new souffle to the art market
      ctgr: by using info-marketting samples
      ctgr: so, during the following months
      ctgr: new salles will be opened to the public
      ctgr: with possibilities of connection with the Popular Arts Value Upgrade organisation
      ctgr: that give possibility of buying goodies online.
      ctgr: The most important problem, actually,
      ctgr: is to create a link between mind and objects
      ctgr: creating a new way of using the realized world
      ctgr: combined witn the real natural unknowned but invented world
      ctgr: The reason of the growing activity of the art foundation
      ctgr: is linked to the human phenomenon
      ctgr: meaning : how to get free in an unfree minded world
      ctgr: Art can help people in their spiritual and minded elevation
      ctgr: this don't mean that anyone can reach any top at all,
      ctgr: but that the important is to walk free,
      ctgr: and not especially climb.
      ctgr: so.
      ctgr: let's come back to the close future of the foundation
      ctgr: let's say that "now is now"
      ctgr: and "what to say now and today"
      ctgr: the PAVU org can provide good tools
      ctgr: to help stand actual mental crisis
      ctgr: for the foundation, questioning arts on the rizotto,
      ctgr: is questioning (not in terms of quality of information) the "true" and valid quality of arts
      ctgr: walking around, and facing the idea of truth
      ctgr: we will be closely connected to a doubtfull constat :
      ctgr: "Black is White"
      ctgr: meaning that the form that we give to our representation of the world
      ctgr: is related to different conceptions of the world, with radically different possible expressions
      ctgr: so,
      ctgr: if one Black can represent a thing
      ctgr: and if White can represent the same thing
      ctgr: , then
      ctgr: we are directly confronted to the relity of what we call " informative arts"
      ctgr: the purpose of informative arts is not to provide information,
      ctgr: but to use the informative languages to create new forms, and new representations
      ctgr: excluding the concept of truth
      ctgr: that is instantanement balayed by this simple constat that "Black is White"
      ctgr: (we could say : carots are dogs)
      ctgr: Because we are not involved in the social ideas of equilibrium
      ctgr: and equality
      ctgr: even if PAVU can provide social equalizers

ctgr est administrateur de la informative arts art foundation
borus est administrateur de
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